Monday, November 18, 2019

How to Improve the Place Where You Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How to Improve the Place Where You Work - Essay Example The first step towards improving the workplace is to make sure that the employees have a way by which they can communicate with management pertaining to their workplace related issues. This can be done via unidentified surveys or comment forms dropped into boxes at strategic locations within the office. These pieces of data, information, or stories can then be collated in order to give management a better idea as to the status of the workplace. The problems within the workplace or workforce cannot often be seen on the physical level which is why it is of the utmost importance that employees have a way to release their work frustration by allowing their sentiments to reach the upper levels of management who can hopefully do something about it. Using the collated information, the workforce development team can now put on their thinking caps and mine the forms for plausible solutions from fellow employees. It is highly possible that the best solution to workplace problem can be found in the imaginative ideas of an employee just letting off steam in a survey form. These ideas can then be developed and integrated into an updated work dictum that will hopefully serve to enhance the culture in the workplace, thus, lowering stress levels all around. Remember that improving the workplace is not the responsibility of management alone. ... Scheduling regular dialogue sessions with department members and department heads will often provide the much needed input regarding work related problems that need to be solved. Project specific teams can then be created in order to focus on the narrowed down problem list and its potential solutions as specific action ideas. At this point, it would be a good idea for the company to sponsor quarterly meetings with the employees in order to let them know about the progress or succeeding stages of the workplace improvement efforts. The success of the problem specific teams will rely on upper level communication and representation. This communication and action conduit should be tasked with the responsibility of engaging the key organization leaders and managers in regular discussions meant to bring the plight of the workers to the attention of the business leaders. By enlightening the top brass about the lower level problems, they will be able to help formulate possible action plans me ant to help strengthen the organization. This is also a method by which management can show the rank and file employees that they are valued members of the corporation and as such, their workplace concerns are taken seriously by management since the solution to those problems affect the bottom line of the company profits. Finally, it is important to acknowledge that these team members are not merely secretaries who take notes during meetings and create action plans that never see the light of day. Rather, these workplace improvement team members should be allowed to instigate and experiment with their suggested problems and solutions in order to gauge the effectiveness of the proposed solutions on a department level at the very least. Such compartmentalized methods of

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