Friday, January 31, 2020

Direct marketing. An advertising campaign Essay

Direct marketing. An advertising campaign - Essay Example Direct marketing is perceived by many customers as an undesirable way of marketing products. Direct marketing includes techniques such as telephone sales and unsolicited emails. When companies rely on these techniques their credibility as a firm is downgraded. There are other forms of legit direct marketing techniques that have been used by marketers for years to generate revenues. Some of these good direct marketing techniques include catalogs, leaflets, brochures, and coupons. A company that has been very successful globally using a direct marketing approach to sell its products is Amway. Interactive marketing involves having contact with the customer in order to obtain a reaction and feedback from them. The tool that is utilized the most in the 21st century in the application of interactive marketing is the internet. Social websites such as Facebook provide great interactive mechanisms that can be used by marketers to communicate with the customers. A website that revolutionized t he way people watch programming is Hulu offers television programs in its website free of charge. The programming has very short commercial breaks. During these commercials many advertisers used interactive marketing by providing short one question questionnaires. 7. Samir - participation I like your response but you failed to mention a direct marketing method that is often by companies which is direct telephone sales calls. This method of marketing is very outdated and his perceived in a negative connotation by the customers of today. Nobody likes being pressure into buying a consumer product they don’t want or need. I think that the government should regulate telemarketers to avoid the invasion of privacy these sales phone calls represent. Most of these companies are obtaining their sales leads number using unethical practices. I think that interactive marketing has a lot of potential for companies doing business the US marketplace as well as abroad. 8. Kelly â₠¬â€œ participation Convenience is one of the attributes customers look for the most in their shopping experience. A company that has revolutionized the supermarket industries is Sainsbury’s. This UK firm has a service that allows shoppers to purchase their groceries through the website. The online order is subsequently delivered to the person’s home. This service saves shoppers a lot of time and it saves them money in commuting expenses. At $4 a gallon customers have to save gasoline any way they can. Other companies such as Walgreens are achieving interactive marketing by offering special offers that can only be redeemed online. For example when the customer completes an online survey at the corporate website they are eligible for coupon savings. DQ1 An advertising campaign that was very successful due to its ingenuity, creativity, and ability to captivate the minds of the viewers was the Geico ads. Geico has been running a series of ads using the Gecko character in o rder to transmit a Geico’s slogan, â€Å"15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.† The ads are very funny due to the Gecko character. The Gecko has become such a sensation that Geico created an autobiography online video story of the Gecko on its corporate website. This is all great stuff. I believe that this character is the reason Geico has become such a successful auto insurance company. Prior to the start of the Gecko series of commercials Geico was not a household name in the minds of American consumers. An ad campaign that lacks a marketing message due to its simplicity is Corona’s beer advertisements. These commercials consist of a man and woman in the beach in lawn chair, the actors done move while stuff occurs around them at the admiration of the Corona beer. The commercial are poor because they do not send a clear marketing message and they are not emphasizing any of the attributes of the product such as quality, flavor, and price. The c ommercial seem like a low budget project in comparison with the spectacular commercials its competitor

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